What We Do

IMED Foundation works in partnership with others to develop and deliver impact in the following areas.

Youth Employability

We develop and deliver youth employability, life, career choice, entrepreneurship and business management skills through training, internships, challenges, coaching and mentorship projects

Women Entrepreneurship

We develop and deliver training to women to develop and empower them to become not only successful entrepreneurs.

Policy Reforms

We use our extensive expertise and experience in conducting policy research and facilitating public-private dialogue to provide action-based training and practical guidance to Business Membership Organisation (BMOs) to develop institutional capacities and engage in impactful dialogue and advocacy.


Business Incubation and Acceleration

IMED Foundation, partnered with the Vice President’s Office (VPO) – Union Affairs and Environment invited with funding from Shell Exploration and Production Tanzania to organize a challenge to identify clean energy enterprises with potential to scale up production and sales of charcoal alternatives

Social Entrepreneurship

We empower individuals and organizations to create and develop sustainable models for enhancing positive values, life skills, employability, climate change adaptation, resilience and mitigation. We provide institutional development services including support in the development of business models and strategies, training, coaching, mentorship and linkages to ecosystem actors.

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