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Our associates are an integral part of our success, contributing their unique skills, expertise, and perspectives to our shared endeavors.


Renalda Lema

Renalda a consultant trainer, entrepreneur and community adept, has vast experience regarding financial inclusion sub sector. Project designing and management both programmatically and financial management. She has managed number of donors funded projects. “Financial Inclusion Project” this was awarded and funded by UKAID through KPMG. It aimed at raising awareness on New enacted Microfinance Policy, Laws and Regulation in Tanzania to VSLA (Village Savings and Lending Associations) and VICOBA (Village Community Banks). Experienced in working with private PSOs and CSOs. The Consultant being employees at CARE International in Tanzania were involved in resource mobilization—proposal writing and conducting Organizational Capacity Assessment (OCA) for potential organizations those that would work with communities directly. All the functional areas were assessed gaps and strengths identified and capacity building plan were developed and implemented at earlier stages of project design and implementation. Renalda/Consultant has an extensive working knowledge of digital application—CHOMOKA. This is an application through smartphones which connect savings groups with opportunities within financial inclusion industry and other service providers. It makes easier for savings groups to track their finances, increase record keeping transparency, and build a credit history and transition from informal to formal financial sector. Promoting collective investment, Building KYC—Know Your Customer. It is also a market place where users can view products and services tailored to Savings Groups and its members. Renalda as Policy Analyst, collaborated with other Microfinance stakeholders to conduct analysis on microfinance Policy, Act and Regulations generating evidence to advocate for change on those regulations which were hindering women participation in financial sub sector—Tie 4. Recently, she worked as Analyst to develop financial sector development master plan 2030 at the Ministry of Finance. Being a Director of Economic Empowerment for Care Tanzania, she championed, developed, supervised and monitor Women Economic Empowerment and gender transformation initiatives—for them to realize their social, political and economic rights and making sure natural resources are sustainably managed in the context of climate change, by providing strategic, technical and thought leadership to ensure that GEWE-WEE approaches/strategies are integrated throughout CARE’s portfolio. She led development and implementation of at least 8 gender related projects. Financial inclusion / Economic Empowerment, Value chain and Market systems, Technical Vocational Education and Training, Land access, use, ownership, Climate Smart Agriculture and Natural Resource Management and Women’s entrepreneurship. Additionally, she took much interest in the Voluntary National Review of Implementation of the SDGS by the government. Therefore, she is aware of the issues around women, youth and people with disabilities. Experienced in incubators, during her time with Innovations for Gender Equality (IGE) a USAID funded project implemented by Land-O-Lakes, she managed an incubator that was supporting commercialization of rural technologies designed to reduce drudgery for women releasing their energy and time to handle other needs, including nutrition for their children to reduce stunting among children less than five years As a researcher, she supervised research in Lake Zone—working at National Bureau of Statistics as principal statistician Skilled in textiles, she operated an income generating organization in textiles sub sector, organizing artisans to work together to produce woven fabrics, house furnishings and apparels. Renalda is an energetic, enthusiastic motivated Tanzanian national passionate on inclusive policies, laws, regulations and programs for development, graduated in Sustainable Development at the School for International Training (SIT), Vermont—USA after completing Bachelor of Business Administration at the University of Dar es Salaam, Gender and Environmental Mainstreaming course at NIRAS-Copenhagen in Denmark, among other trainings. Has also operated a number of small businesses and attended training on entrepreneurship in different countries.

Douglas Damas

Through his work, Eng. Douglas has established a strong network with many solar start-ups in Tanzania. He has extensive expertise in research and consulting in solar energy space, and has over ten years of experience training MSME’s, Research and Development in Solar energy, project manager in Solar products development, supply and numerous solar PV installations and influencing Net metering regulatory framework at national levels. He teaches and consults in Entrepreneurship, Financial literacy and investing at DOBEA Consult. He is also founder of upcoming FREEDOM APP, which is one stop platform for business practical skills, stakeholders, opportunities and interactions targeting graduates, start-ups and SME’s.

Eng. Douglas holds a Chemical Engineering degree from the University of Dar-es-salaam. He participated in three years intensive training and industry practice in Business Development Services Incubation at University of Dar-es-salaam Business School and is also CEO of DOBEA GROUP LTD for the past 11years to date. He has attended a number of short courses at Tanzania Renewable Energy Incubator (Tanzania), Solar farms and Grid tie technology (Denmark), Early stage businesses, Anza readiness accelerator(Tanzania) and Project Funds Management, AECF (Kenya).



Yoffi Kiwera

Yoffi Kiwera is an entrepreneur who worked as administration and finance director in a family business (Bulwark security company) for over 10 years, where by among other duties she was responsible in supervising and managing finance and administrative operations of the company, managing clients enquiries and complaints, managing clients accounts and ensuring that all clients had their needs promptly met, managing payroll and personnel database, assisting in sales and marketing department.

Ms Kiwera has also worked as a research assistant in various projects Through work as an enterprenuer Ms Kiwera improved her management and leadership skills,communication skills,and marketing skills and also developed skills in working as a team with people of different academic background sand experience. Ms. Kiwera holds an M.A in (DevelopmentStudies) from the University of Dar es Salaam and is also a holder of B.Sc. In Urban and Regional planning from the (UCLAS),a constituent of college of University of Dar es Salaam studies. She has attended a number of short courses at disaster management, center UCLAS.



Anamringi O. Maro

Mr.Anamringi Oforo Maro is well experienced in Vocational Teachers Training as well acquainted with Entrepreneurship training methodologies, coaching and counseling in VET for more than 10 years’. Mr Maro has worked with Vocational Education and Training Authority (VETA) at Morogoro Vocational Teachers Training College (MVTTC) and has acquired experiences in project writing; training of Vocational and Technical facilitators (teachers), training of trainers (ToTs) for different VET and technical institutions and independent trainers

A Vocational Teacher Trainer an expert in Development of Vocational Teaching and Learning Materials and Trainer in Entrepreneurship.

Mr Maro rose from the teaching practitioner to the position of Head of Training the second position from the Principal at MVTTC. Mr Maro also lead development and execution of a four year (2005 – 2008) project on Entrepreneurship Education and Training. This was taken as a pilot project which was executed in seven centres including capacity building of MVTTC staff. Success of the pilot phase lead to write-up of a second proposal to roll out the project to all VET centres in Tanzania. The project was executed in collaboration with various stakeholders and IMED was lead in all players. The project was also a four year project and was executed from 2010 -2014. Both projects were financed by The Government of Netherlands with total cost of more than 4.5 billion shillings.

Mr Maro has also been involved in collaborative projects that includes Skills Development for Agricultural Sector (SDAS) under support from Swiss Government with focus on Youth in Morogoro Region where by MVTTC was involved in Training of Trainers (ToTs) facilitation skills and entrepreneurial and business development skills to agricultural extension officers; and another current project also financed by Swis Government with focus on Skills for Employment in Tanzania for Youth and Women.

Mr. Maro has also played a key role in Development and execution of VIA (Jiandale Ajira) programme funded by MasterCard foundation from USA and executed by IYF. The programmes aimed at shaping both VET and self-employed youth (life skills) improve their attitude and entrepreneurial skills for self-employment; job creators as well as improving their employment in the government and private sector. The programme was excuted by VETA and Tanzania Entrepreneurship and Competitive Center (TECC)

Participating in all these activities has developed Mr. Maro not only personal skills but wider link with a number of trainers, Government and Private sector team and project developers within and outside Tanzania

Currently I am one of the Directors in Kidia One Investment Ltd leading in Transport and construction Industry, Also involved in consultancy work related to Training of Trainers in facilitation skills, entrepreneurial attitude and skills, couching, counseling and life skills.

Mr. Maro holds a Masters’ degree in Applied Materials Science ; First degree in Bachelor of Science with Education both from University of Dar es Salaam Tanzania and also Diploma in Education from Dar es Salaam College of Education now Dar es Salaam University College of Education (DUCE).


Luckius Robert

My name is Lackius Robert a bachelor degree holder in Labour Relation and Public Management of Institute of Social Work. I saved as a volunteer with Social Action Trust Fund (SATF) in conducting monitoring and evaluation at PACESH, FPTC, PARALEGAL at Geita and Kahama to get implementing partner. Through this work, I established strong connections with many IPs in Tanzania.

For period of four years, I extensive expertise in reading book, research, writing and consulting on personal development issues. Translate numbers of books by using English and Swahili language. Conducting a training on personal value to youth collaboration with Young Life Tanzania and St. Augustine TagasteTanzania also interviewed by various media including Clouds FM, Kiss FM, Radio One Stereo, Global Radio and TV among others.

Teach and consults in department of Human Resources Management at the Mwalimu Nyerere Memorial Academy Kivukoni Campus. I also attended various seminars and workshop prepared by IMED Foundation, UNESCO, Institute of Social Work and SATF to get more knowledge and skills mostly on conducting training and presentation.


Tel: +255767702659/+255782034177


John Nyaindi

John is currently self-employed after 30 years of employment at NBC Limited, where he worked in different capacities and at different business units. He left the bank in August 2021.
John is an experienced Trainer after working as a Trainer for 9 years and as the Head of Learning, Leadership and Talent for more than 10 years. He has an extensive expertise in managing training process including Training Analysis, Design, Development, Delivery and Training Impact Assessment.

He developed several internal training programmes for NBC including Selling Skills, Customer Care and Performance Management. As the Head of Learning, Leadership and Talent John Managed several impactful programmes for NBC Staff including Mentorship, Graduate, Women Development, Talent Management and Succession Planning Programmes

Mr John holds Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (IFM), Higher National Diploma in Computer Science (IDPM – UK) and is a Certified Professional Banker from the Tanzanian Institute of Bankers and a Certified Retail Banker by Retail Banking Academy (RBA – UK).

John attended a number of Short Courses of 3 to 6 months including HRM by IMED (TZ), Training Programme Design and Development by G&K Training (South Africa), Investment In Excellence by the Pacific Institute (South Africa). He also attended numerous internal and external trainings programmes in different disciplines of Skills and Knowledge.


Tel:Mobile: +255 754 210 416/659 300 003


Halima Issa Nassoro

Halima I Nassoro work with Solar Sister as a Business development associate, she recruits, training and monitoring women’s entrepreneurs. she is a trainer and entrepreneur dealing with solar.

Through her work Ms Halima has more than fifty women’s entrepreneurs who have increased their knowledge in businesses, expand their business and meets different person’s goals. She has six years experience in training and monitoring entrepreneurs.
Ms Halima hold a diploma in microfinance management from Moshi University (muccobs). Also Ms Halima has a certificate of Business administration from Eckford University. She has attended different training session.







Aika Donath

Aika Donath Olomi is an accomplished and forward-thinking MBA (Masters of Business Administration) professional with an impressive track record of over 5 years in project management and business development across diverse sectors. Her expertise spans the realms of agriculture, renewable energy, and tourism, honed through extensive experience in both local and international NGO settings.

Aika’s passion and dedication have been instrumental in driving impactful change within the realm of entrepreneurship and community development. Her career has been shaped by invaluable experiences, including one year under USAID funding, where she significantly contributed to the “Feed the Future advancing Youth in Zanzibar” project. This engagement allowed her to empower and guide individuals, particularly women and youth, in strategic planning, business development, and the nuances of project management.
Her contributions extended further, spanning four years under the Charles Mott Foundation in the “Tanzania Renewable Energy Business Incubator” situated in Iringa and Dodoma. Aika’s adeptness in business planning, monitoring and evaluation, and gender-inclusive project implementation greatly influenced the success and sustainability of these initiatives.
Notably, her ongoing eight-year involvement in a significant project, “Catalyste+ Tanzania – Accelerating Women Economic Empowerment,” funded by Global Affairs Canada, demonstrates her commitment to fostering sustainable growth and empowerment within communities. Her work here emphasizes the importance of economic empowerment, especially for women, creating a positive ripple effect that elevates the entire community.

Aika’s approach is characterized by a potent blend of strategic insight, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to making a positive difference. Her adeptness in forging partnerships, driving impactful initiatives, and crafting sustainable solutions is evident in the profound and lasting impact she has had on the communities and sectors she has served.

Driven by a vision for a better, more inclusive world, Aika Donath Olomi is committed to utilizing her extensive skills and experience to lead projects and initiatives that promote economic empowerment, sustainability, and community development. Aika stands as a powerful force in the realm of project management and business development, poised to continue shaping the future of various sectors while championing positive change and empowerment within communities. Her dynamic blend of expertise, experience, and unwavering dedication positions her as a true leader and catalyst for transformative change.


Iddi Mhina

Idd Mbwana Mhina, a proud Tanzanian citizen born on August 10th, 1987, is a seasoned professional with a remarkable career spanning over 9 years in spearheading the implementation of impactful development projects. His diverse roles in managerial positions, training, and program leadership have been pivotal in orchestrating notable achievements in various multi-donor projects supported by entities such as USAID, IRISH AID, VODAFONE, and the Mastercard Foundation.

Idd Mbwana Mhina embodies a self-driven and goal-oriented approach, marked by enthusiasm and ambition in delivering exceptional results. His expertise lies in the domains of project planning, management, and community development, reflecting a commitment to fostering sustainable change and growth within communities.

His repertoire of competencies encapsulates a broad spectrum, focusing on leadership, training, capacity building, sensitization, lobbying, networking, and business development services. These skill sets underscore his ability to catalyze change, inspire action, and foster growth in diverse and challenging environments.

Idd Mbwana Mhina’s skills are diverse and multi-faceted. His proficiency includes technical report writing, powerful PowerPoint design, and presentation skills. Proficient in both English and Swahili, he excels in various communication forms—written, spoken, and presentation. His adeptness in monitoring and evaluation, financial management, business plan writing, and entrepreneurship underscores his comprehensive approach towards sustainable development.

Leadership and Team Building

His skills extend beyond the technical aspects, encompassing adept planning, management, and facilitation capabilities. Idd possesses a unique ability to train both trainers and beneficiaries, effectively manage teams, and empower staff through capacity-building and motivation.

Research and Analytical Skills

Idd Mbwana Mhina’s skills include research and survey proficiency, crafting data collection tools, executing comprehensive data analysis, and delivering insightful presentations based on analysis, fostering informed decision-making and strategy development

Idd Mbwana Mhina is dedicated to making a tangible difference in the community, employing his diverse skill set and experience to foster positive change and sustainable growth. His adaptability, quick learning ability, and commitment to excellence position him as a pivotal force in driving change and development.


Idd Mbwana Mhina stands as a beacon of transformative change, a leader capable of inspiring, empowering, and driving communities towards growth and sustainability. His wealth of experience, diverse skill set, and unwavering commitment to fostering development stand as a testament to his capability as a visionary leader in the domain of community empowerment and development initiatives


January Melkiado

Mr. January Melkiado is a seasoned professional with an illustrious twelve (12) years of experience in Program Management and consulting within the Agribusiness sector. His career has been defined by a relentless commitment to fostering business association development in developing country contexts, where his expertise has played a pivotal role in shaping successful business ventures.
Professional Expertise: With a profound understanding of the intricate dynamics of Agribusiness, January Melkiado possesses a comprehensive knowledge of business management, organizational structures, and operational requirements crucial for the success of businesses in developing regions.
Agribusiness Development Services: Mr. Melkiado’s extensive experience includes spearheading business development services for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) through multifaceted roles such as management, training, support, and advisory positions. His expertise extends to critical areas such as Intellectual Property for SMEs, Branding, and Packaging—essential components for fostering growth and market presence.

Leadership at SIDO: Mr. Melkiado has played a pivotal role in managing all facets of Tanzania’s Small Industries Development Organizations (SIDO). Over a decade, he served as a business development expert, contributing significantly to SIDO’s Business Development Services (BDS). Through various projects, including the Business Development Gateway Project, he provided invaluable training on business management, entrepreneurship, marketing, and group formation, strengthening the foundation for agro-processors.

Consultancy Roles: In his recent roles, January Melkiado has extended his impact on a broader scale. He currently serves as a GIZ regional Consultant on Packaging and Branding under the project titled “Creating Perspectives: Business for Development East Africa.” Additionally, he contributes as an ITC National Consultant, providing coaching and mentorship in Branding and Packaging to SMEs in the Coffee Sector under the MARKUP Project.

Vision and Impact: January Melkiado’s career is a testament to his visionary leadership and commitment to empowering businesses in the Agribusiness sector. His strategic insights, coupled with a hands-on approach to problem-solving, have consistently driven positive outcomes for the organizations and projects he has been involved in.

Looking Forward: As Mr. January Melkiado continues to make significant strides in the field, his passion for fostering sustainable business development remains unwavering. His journey stands as an inspiration for those aiming to make a meaningful impact in the Agribusiness sector, emphasizing the importance of strategic planning, innovation, and a genuine dedication to community development.


Prosper Magali

Prosper Magali stands as a trailblazer in Tanzania’s renewable energy landscape, with an illustrious career spanning over 20 years of dedicated commitment to advancing the renewable energy sector. As a Founder and Director of Ensol Tanzania Limited, an Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) company, he has been instrumental in driving the development and implementation of small and medium-scale renewable energy projects, particularly focusing on mini grids and hybrid systems.

Renewable Energy Visionary

Prosper Magali’s contributions in the renewable energy space extend far and wide, impacting both rural electrification and industrial growth in Tanzania and East Africa. His innovative approach and strategic insights have been crucial in reshaping the energy landscape, bringing sustainable power solutions to underserved communities.

International Influence and Policy Advocacy

Not confined to regional impact, Prosper served as a board member for the Alliance for Rural Electrification (ARE), an esteemed international business association. Through this role, spanning four significant years from 2018 to 2022, he actively engaged in policy advocacy and sector development for decentralized renewable energy and rural electrification across Africa, contributing to substantial advancements in the sector’s growth and accessibility.

Author and Mentor

In a bid to share his wealth of experience and empower aspiring entrepreneurs, Prosper authored the book “Anza, Kua na Stawi katika Biashara na Miradi,” translated as “Begin, Grow, and Prosper in Doing Business.” This comprehensive guide equips entrepreneurs with the necessary skills and knowledge to navigate the complex journey of entrepreneurship, embodying Prosper’s commitment to fostering a thriving business environment.

Leadership and Advocacy:

Currently at the helm of the Tanzania Renewable Energy Association (TAREA) as Chairperson, Prosper Magali continues his journey as a leader and advocate in the renewable energy domain. His dedication to advancing renewable energy and ensuring a sustainable, accessible energy future remains steadfast, solidifying his status as a visionary in the sector.

Vision for Sustainable Energy

Prosper Magali stands as a driving force in the push for renewable energy solutions. His visionary leadership, combined with a wealth of experience and commitment, underlines his mission to transform the energy landscape in Tanzania and beyond.


Prosper Magali’s enduring commitment, entrepreneurial spirit, and visionary leadership position him as a catalyst for change and progress in the renewable energy sector. His profound impact, extensive experience, and relentless dedication underscore his pivotal role in steering the trajectory of sustainable energy development in Tanzania and across the African continent.


Richard Jackson

Richard Jackson is an esteemed expert in entrepreneurship and business training, celebrated for his unwavering commitment to fostering economic growth and empowerment across various sectors. With over 20 years of exemplary experience, his career stands as a testament to his dedication to uplifting communities through innovative business strategies and mentorship.
Mr. Jackson’s expertise spans a wide spectrum, focusing on areas of entrepreneurship, business planning, credit management, and administration. His remarkable journey has been punctuated by numerous significant achievements, particularly in his role as a KAIZEN Master Trainer for the “Strengthening Manufacturing Enterprises through Quality and Productivity Improvement” project supported by the Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA) from 2013 to 2020.

Richard’s recent accomplishment includes the successful completion of an assignment on Business Plan Development for the Competitive African Rice Initiative (CARI) in Tanzania. His dedication to building capacities and fostering bankable business plans significantly impacts the operational efficiency and profitability of these enterprises, guiding them to attract financial service providers.

His vast experience extends to academia, where he facilitated formal entrepreneurship training courses at Hubert Kairuki Memorial University (HKMU) and Kairuki School of Nursing (KSN) for over a decade. His passion for nurturing future entrepreneurs is also evident in his role as one of the best motivational speakers, inspiring university and secondary school students in the realm of business career choice and development.

Community Impact & Project Management
Richard Jackson’s influence extends beyond education and training. He works directly with farmer groups, NGOs, and various organizations, providing support and building capacities in agricultural entrepreneurship. His tenure as the Team Leader for the Njombe Rural District in the “Marketing Infrastructure, Value Addition, and Rural Finance Support Programme” reflects his commitment to rural development and poverty reduction.

Strategic Projects and Initiatives:
His career boasts a rich tapestry of successfully managed projects, including roles as a Programme Manager, Facilitator, and Coach in various impactful initiatives. Notable among these are his leadership roles in projects focused on incubating small-scale clean energy enterprises, commercializing rice farming, and supporting the development of business plans for renewable energy under the MOTT Foundation.

Professional Development & Engagements:
Richard Jackson’s continuous pursuit of professional development is evident through his extensive participation in short courses on business management, entrepreneurship, and consultancy. His dedication to imparting knowledge and skills spans over 18 years of part-time association with organizations like Match Maker Associates Limited and the Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship Development (IMED).

Richard Jackson’s career embodies a profound commitment to community growth, economic empowerment, and entrepreneurship. His unwavering dedication, vast expertise, and ability to drive positive change stand as a testament to his status as a leader in business development and mentorship, impacting lives and communities with his visionary approach and steadfast guidance.


Savior Mbele

Mr. Savior Mbele stands as a beacon of inspiration in the realm of Independent Business Development Consulting, where his unwavering commitment to fostering positive change has left an indelible mark on both the public and private sectors. With a dynamic career spanning over 15 years, Mr. Mbele has worn multiple hats, each contributing to his unique expertise and holistic approach to development projects.

Versatility and Expertise: In his multifaceted roles as a Project Coordinator, Marketing Expert, Consultant, Project Evaluator, Researcher, Trainer, Coach, and Mentor, Mr. Mbele has showcased unparalleled versatility. His ability to seamlessly transition between these roles has allowed him to bring a comprehensive and well-rounded perspective to the table.

Project Development and Implementation: Having been an integral part of numerous development projects, Mr. Mbele has demonstrated a keen understanding of the intricacies involved in project development and implementation. His contributions have been pivotal in market systems, business planning, formalization, and compliance, fostering the growth of business enterprises, agricultural value chains, and farmer organizations.

Strategic Collaboration: Mr. Mbele’s ability to establish and nurture strong connections with diverse partners sets him apart. His collaborative efforts extend across government entities, non-government organizations, and the business sector in Tanzania. These connections are a testament to his commitment to forging synergies for sustainable development.

Training, Coaching, and Consulting Excellence: With extensive expertise in training, coaching, consulting, and research, Mr. Mbele has become a trusted resource in the development landscape. His wealth of knowledge has been instrumental in supporting Government entities, NGOs, MSMEs, and farmer organizations in areas such as research, feasibility studies, business plans, farmers’ organization establishment and strengthening, market linkages, and agro-business development.

Market Leadership and Formalization: Mr. Mbele’s influence extends into the core of market leadership, where he has played a major role in business formalization and compliance. His strategic insights have contributed to the establishment and development of enterprises that adhere to the highest standards of professionalism.

Vision for Sustainable Development: As an Independent Business Development Consultant, Mr. Savior Mbele continues to be a driving force behind transformative initiatives. His vision for sustainable  development, coupled with his passion for empowering individuals and organizations, positions him as a catalyst for positive change.

Legacy of Impact: Mr. Mbele’s legacy is one of impact and empowerment. His journey serves as an inspiration for those seeking to make a meaningful difference in the landscape of development. His commitment to excellence, coupled with a profound understanding of the intricacies of business and agriculture, has and continues to contribute to the growth and prosperity of Tanzania’s economic landscape.

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