IMED Foundation TAREBI III Coach

Iddi Mhina

Enabling Communities through Visionary Leadership and Dynamic Development Strategies

Idd Mbwana Mhina, a proud Tanzanian citizen born on August 10th, 1987, is a seasoned professional with a remarkable career spanning over 9 years in spearheading the implementation of impactful development projects. His diverse roles in managerial positions, training, and program leadership have been pivotal in orchestrating notable achievements in various multi-donor projects supported by entities such as USAID, IRISH AID, VODAFONE, and the Mastercard Foundation.

Idd Mbwana Mhina embodies a self-driven and goal-oriented approach, marked by enthusiasm and ambition in delivering exceptional results. His expertise lies in the domains of project planning, management, and community development, reflecting a commitment to fostering sustainable change and growth within communities.


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